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Infographic – TPT Listing Text Style How-to!

We’ve recently been going through our product listings and adding simple text styling, bullets and separators to make the listings easier to read and to help potential buyers spot important information right away. Here’s a reference graphic for how we’re doing it! (Skip to the bottom of the graphic to copy/paste the different codes!)



<strong>Your bold text here</strong>

<em>Your italic text here</em>

<span style=”text-decoration:underline;”>Your underlined text here</span>

<span style=”text-decoration:line-through;”>Your line-through text here</span>

<span style=”text-decoration:overline;”>Your overlined text here</span>

<a>Your link text here</a>

A round bullet: &bull;
An arrow pointing right: &rarr;
An arrow pointing left: &larr;
A heart-shaped bullet: &hearts;
A diamond-shaped bullet: &diams;
A star-shaped bullet: &#9733;

Fun With Clip Art! Fairy Tale Book Boxes

fairytalebooks1Here’s a little project I’ve just completed that uses our fairy tale clip art!

novemberbooksboxFirstly, here is the inspiration for this project. These are book shaped boxes in the November Books range by Push Pin. Now, I love November Books stuff, and when I saw these I got excited and wanted to order some immediately. The problem was, not only were they sold out, but they were only available through a monthly subscription. In Japan. So, as I lamented not being able to buy them, it dawned on me that I have created a ton of fairy tale clip art…I could make my own!

I remembered seeing a bunch of book shaped boxes at Michaels not long ago so I went by and picked up a couple of those. I got the smallest size because it was the only one I could recover with a single a 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. All I had to do was pull the cover off the box.


Then, I opened Illustrator and made my designs. Of course I used our Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White clip art sets for these designs, as well as a few other bits that I drew specifically for this project.

The finished products are by no means perfect (there are some wrinkles here and there, misalignments, and the corners are a mess on the first box I did) but overall I’m thrilled with how they came out! They will look great on display!

fairytalebooks2(The back of the boxes. I just grabbed some text from Wikipedia and plopped it on there!)

When you’re dealing with printer ink, different papers and glues/finishes you have to be careful because you never know which combination will suddenly make the ink discolour or bleed. I did test patches with my glues before attaching anything to the boxes just to make sure nothing would go wrong. I was so worried about the ink getting ruined I even popped my printouts into the freezer for several hours as suggested by this blog post. I figured it couldn’t hurt!

The paper I used was a Staples presentation paper that has a coated surface. I used rubber cement to glue the paper to the boxes, a glue gun to reassemble the box and cover, and then painted the boxes with a few coats of Modge Podge. On the inside of the boxes I used scrapbooking paper. Recovering the inside was probably the most difficult part. (The lack of a photo indicates how happy I am with the way the insides turned out!)


And the spines – I didn’t manage to line the spine up properly on either one! The boxes had bumps shaped into the spines which kind of made a mess of things. If I make more book shaped boxes in the future, I think I will try to make the box myself and give them smooth, square spines to make it easier.

One detail which I love that’s not visible in the photos are the sparkles! I used clear, glittery nail polish to paint over the magic mirror and the mushrooms. A little bit of shimmer is a perfect finishing touch!

All New Glyphs!


We love glyphs! They are a great way for students to practice analyzing data and, at the same time, get to know their classmates a little better!

We recently added a whole bunch of glyphs to our shop! (I think we have close to forty different glyphs available now!) Among them are a couple summer-themed glyphs (Mister Golden Sun and Happy Ice Cream) which would be great activities for the end of the school year.

Check them all out here!

Everything Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up very soon – one week away!
While preparing our Earth Day, Hooray! products for Little Red’s Schoolhouse (more about those below!) we compiled a list of story books that would be great for teaching the spirit of Earth Day. Here are a few favourites:

1. Stella Fairy of the Forest by Marie–Louise Gay
About two children who see nature as full of wonder and play. To them, the forest is a magical place. Teaches children about the wonder of nature.

2. What Planet are you From, Clarice Bean? by Lauren Child
A story about a self-described eco-warrior named Clarice Bean. This story touches upon many of the themes taught on Earth Day.

3. Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell
A sweet book about a girl named Jane who loves nature and learning about the world around her. Teaches children to value and respect nature and about Dr. Jane Goodall.

4. Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback
This Caldecott Medal winner teaches children that “you can always make something out of nothing”. Provides examples of how we can reuse what we already have.

5. The Curious Garden by Peter Brown
A beautifully illustrated story about a boy who grows a garden in the most unexpected place. Shows how loving and taking care of the environment can have positive results for all.

6. Recycle! By Gail Gibbons
An informative book which helps children to understand why our Earth is so important and what we can do to help keep it clean and healthy.

7. The Wump World by Bill Peet
A clever story about a species called the Wumps who are forced from their habitat by the wasteful Pollutians. Gives children a different perspective on the actions of the human race and reminds them that our excessive consumption and polluting affects other species besides our own.

Here are some other titles you might want to check out for your Earth Day lessons:

Are Trees Alive? by Debbie S. Miller
A Tree is Nice by Janice May Udry
City Green by DyAnne DiSalvo-Ryan
Compost Stew by Mary McKenna Siddals
Crinkleroot’s Guide to Giving Back to Nature by Jim Arnosky
Earth Day, Birthday! by Maureen Wright
Fancy Nancy Every Day is Earth Day by Jane O’Connor
It’s Earth Day by Mercer Mayer
Marty McGuire Digs Worms! by Kate Messner
The Cloud Spinner by Michael Catchpool
Uno’s Garden by Graeme Base
Wangari’s Trees of Peace by Jeanette Winter
What Can You Do With An Old Red Shoe? by Anna Alter
Who Will Plant a Tree? by Jerry Pallotta


As mentioned above, we’ve recently put together a few products for celebrating Earth Day in the classroom:

Earth Day Celebration Set – This is a pack of printables which can be used for your classroom or home celebrations. The set includes two different headband designs, a certificate, two badges and bunting. For best printing results, colour as well as black and white versions of all the kit’s pieces are included.

Environmental Care Classroom Posters – This is a set of 7 environmental care posters for the classroom. The posters cover the topics of picking up litter, walking, turning things off, conservation, planting, reducing/reusing/recycling and composting.

Earth Day Fun Craftivity – A fun craft wherein students make a cute Earth character which holds a piece of writing. The set includes templates and a variety of writing prompts.

Earth Day, Hooray! Worksheets and Activities – Almost 30 pages of activities and worksheets to use during Earth Week.

Happy Flower Earth Day Glyph – Another fun craft where students create happy flowers and then examine their meanings as a class. Comes with worksheets for tallying and graphing.

All of these Earth Day resources can be purchased individually or in our Earth Day, Hooray! Super Bundle at a discount!

Oh, and there’s also our Happy Earth Day! clip art set!

Happy Earth Day!