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Little Red’s Clip Art in Print!

This is a first! Our clip art has been featured in a magazine!


There’s a little blurb about our Back to School clip art set included in the September issue of Papercraft Inspirations magazine which is published in the U.K.

Now, we knew the clip art would be in it, but we didn’t expect we’d ever be able to see a copy since it’s a U.K. magazine…but lucky us! I made a stop at a book store the other day and they actually had the very issue in the magazine section!

It’s so exciting to see one’s work in something ‘real’ and out in the world as a magazine!

Fun With Clip Art! Fairy Tale Book Boxes

fairytalebooks1Here’s a little project I’ve just completed that uses our fairy tale clip art!

novemberbooksboxFirstly, here is the inspiration for this project. These are book shaped boxes in the November Books range by Push Pin. Now, I love November Books stuff, and when I saw these I got excited and wanted to order some immediately. The problem was, not only were they sold out, but they were only available through a monthly subscription. In Japan. So, as I lamented not being able to buy them, it dawned on me that I have created a ton of fairy tale clip art…I could make my own!

I remembered seeing a bunch of book shaped boxes at Michaels not long ago so I went by and picked up a couple of those. I got the smallest size because it was the only one I could recover with a single a 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. All I had to do was pull the cover off the box.


Then, I opened Illustrator and made my designs. Of course I used our Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White clip art sets for these designs, as well as a few other bits that I drew specifically for this project.

The finished products are by no means perfect (there are some wrinkles here and there, misalignments, and the corners are a mess on the first box I did) but overall I’m thrilled with how they came out! They will look great on display!

fairytalebooks2(The back of the boxes. I just grabbed some text from Wikipedia and plopped it on there!)

When you’re dealing with printer ink, different papers and glues/finishes you have to be careful because you never know which combination will suddenly make the ink discolour or bleed. I did test patches with my glues before attaching anything to the boxes just to make sure nothing would go wrong. I was so worried about the ink getting ruined I even popped my printouts into the freezer for several hours as suggested by this blog post. I figured it couldn’t hurt!

The paper I used was a Staples presentation paper that has a coated surface. I used rubber cement to glue the paper to the boxes, a glue gun to reassemble the box and cover, and then painted the boxes with a few coats of Modge Podge. On the inside of the boxes I used scrapbooking paper. Recovering the inside was probably the most difficult part. (The lack of a photo indicates how happy I am with the way the insides turned out!)


And the spines – I didn’t manage to line the spine up properly on either one! The boxes had bumps shaped into the spines which kind of made a mess of things. If I make more book shaped boxes in the future, I think I will try to make the box myself and give them smooth, square spines to make it easier.

One detail which I love that’s not visible in the photos are the sparkles! I used clear, glittery nail polish to paint over the magic mirror and the mushrooms. A little bit of shimmer is a perfect finishing touch!

Clip Art Carnival – Week 4!

clipartcarnivalwebsiteThis month is all about clip art – it’s a clip art carnival!

It’s the final week of our event! All updates for this week will be added to this post!


Here’s the new set for Jan. 31st – Community Helpers I!

Available in the Little Red’s Schoolhouse TpT shop, our Etsy shop, or our shop here on the website. (Links in the right sidebar).



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