Infographic – TPT Listing Text Style How-to!

We’ve recently been going through our product listings and adding simple text styling, bullets and separators to make the listings easier to read and to help potential buyers spot important information right away. Here’s a reference graphic for how we’re doing it! (Skip to the bottom of the graphic to copy/paste the different codes!)



<strong>Your bold text here</strong>

<em>Your italic text here</em>

<span style=”text-decoration:underline;”>Your underlined text here</span>

<span style=”text-decoration:line-through;”>Your line-through text here</span>

<span style=”text-decoration:overline;”>Your overlined text here</span>

<a>Your link text here</a>

A round bullet: &bull;
An arrow pointing right: &rarr;
An arrow pointing left: &larr;
A heart-shaped bullet: &hearts;
A diamond-shaped bullet: &diams;
A star-shaped bullet: &#9733;

Focus on Non-Fiction – Canadiana

FONFcanadianaEeep! We almost let this one slip by without mention!

Earlier this month we finally released our Canadian-themed Focus on Non-Fiction reading passages set! Gosh, we sneak-peeked this set on our Facebook page ages ago, but decided to set it aside while we finished up some other things. It was our top priority for finishing up this summer!

This set is bigger than our other FoN-F packets with 30 different passages.
Topics range from biographies of famous Рand not so famous РCanadians (Nellie McClung, David Suzuki, Madeleine de Verch̬res, etc.), history (how Canada got its name, confederation, the fur trade, etc.) and Canadian trivia (the Ogopogo, Canadian cuisine, inukshuks, etc.).

Check it out here!

Product Update Alert! CLASSMATES Class Magazines

As you can see from the image above, we’ve made a little update to our CLASSMATES Get-To-Know-Me Class Magazines product!
We’ve added an extra worksheet – A Reader Survey. In cases where the magazines are shared among the class, it’s a response sheet that students can fill out after reading one of their classmate’s magazines.

If you’ve previously purchased this product on TPT you can log in to your account to download the updated version of the file…and if you purchased it on this site, you can log in to do the same thing under the “Little Red’s Shop” menu above.

Introducing…Alpha-Basics, Alphabet Mastery Worksheet Packets!


Today we added a few new products to our Little Red’s Schoolhouse TPT shop (not currently available in our webshop) that aim to help preschool and kinder students master their A-B-Cs! We have four sets of worksheets for aiding students with printing, identifying letter sounds, and recognizing letters. Or, you can get them all at a great discount in one single bundle with more than 200 pages! Check them out below!


Alpha-Basics ABC Bundle
Alpha-Basics ABC Printing Practice
Alpha-Basics ABC Beginning Sounds
Alpha-Basics ABC Identifying Letters
Alpha-Basics ABC Missing Letters