Introducing Upper Elementary Snapshots!


We’ve joined with a bunch of great TPT sellers to create a new group called Upper Elementary Snapshots! (Read about all of the collaborators here!)

We’ve banded together to share resources and information relevant to teachers of grades 3 to 5. We have a Facebook group, blog, and Pinterest board. Come check us out!

Today is our big debut, and to celebrate all twelve of us are holding a big giveaway!

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Everyone in the group is offering $10 credit to their shops! What an amazing thing to win! Enter the giveaway below!

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Little Red’s Clip Art in Print!

This is a first! Our clip art has been featured in a magazine!


There’s a little blurb about our Back to School clip art set included in the September issue of Papercraft Inspirations magazine which is published in the U.K.

Now, we knew the clip art would be in it, but we didn’t expect we’d ever be able to see a copy since it’s a U.K. magazine…but lucky us! I made a stop at a book store the other day and they actually had the very issue in the magazine section!

It’s so exciting to see one’s work in something ‘real’ and out in the world as a magazine!

Back to School – Our Top 6 Picks!


It’s that time again! Back to school season is upon us!

As the TPT Back to School sale is just around the corner, we wanted to highlight a few items from our shop which we think are perfect for this time of year. We have a few products specifically designed for the first days of school, as well as some things that could be used throughout the year. So without further ado, here are our top 6 picks for back to school time!

CLASSMATES Get-To-Know-Me Class Magazines

Of our back to school products, we’d have to say this is our favourite! Having students create mock magazines about themselves to introduce themselves to their classmates is great on its own, but the idea of creating a classroom newsstand with them all on display for others to read is just so fun!
We’ve recently updated this set with an additional “Reader Survey” page for students to fill out after they’ve read their classmates’ issues. Click here to see a review of this product!

OwlCalendar1What a Hoot! Classroom Calendar
We have several sets of classroom decoration and organization products to help put the finishing touches on your classrooms. We think some of most practical sets are our classroom calendars. They add a decorative touch of course, but they can also be incorporated into your class’ morning routine.

kissinghandThe Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn Storybook Study
The Kissing Hand is a favourite at the beginning of the year because it’s all about a young raccoon heading off for his very first day of school. This packet contains a nice variety of comprehension and ELA worksheets and craftivities for students to complete individually or as a class.

kinderinfobookletMy Book of Names and Numbers
This little booklet is a perfect activity (especially as a take-home) for kindergarteners during the first days of school. There is certain important information little ones should be aware of such as addresses and telephone numbers. This cute booklet helps them put it all in order.

dailyreading1Focus on Non-Fiction – Daily Reading Bundle
Yup, it’s our Focus on Non-Fiction bundle! We have to include this pack of reading passages simply because it’s so big! We designed this set to have enough passages to see a teacher through the whole school year – roughly enough to study one passage every school day!

A Year of Glyphs Bundle

Another bundle to see you through the whole year! A Year of Glyphs includes one seasonally themed glyph craftivity for every month. Each glyph included is also available individually – our back to school one, Happy Crayon, is available here!